I'm the one who's easy to talk to I'm the one you'll have good conversations with I'm the one who'll carefully listen and ask challenging questions I'm the one you'll find interesting and smart and probably hot though not quite hot enough I'm the one who's nice and caring I'm the one you'll want to … Continue reading One


The day is perfect, and that I haven’t been out in a while makes me appreciate the fresh air, the yellow-leaved view and the sunrays a little more than usual. Being able to look further than the walls of my room fills me with a familiar, lighthearted enthusiasm which accelerates my pace, and it takes … Continue reading 20-11-03


My blog turned five this month. A surprise, considering the number of times I’ve had serious thoughts about deleting it in the past. I love writing, and I wish I would post more frequently. But life can be difficult when there’s this constant, inhibiting sense that deep down, you suck. As I’m writing this, there … Continue reading Self-doubt


Trunk filled with backpacks, car filled with five sweaty pals, trying to kill time by making a list of things to do in Vienna when friends come visit. We’re on our way home from a trip. I’m driving. Depends on what they like. Touristy stuff? In any case, definitely Schönbrunn. What about markets? Naschmarkt maybe? … Continue reading 19-11-02


Think I saw him yesterday. Not sure, though. I was on my way home. And it’s funny because just recently I’ve started thinking about running into him in the streets more frequently again, and this thought did cross my mind yesterday, too. I dismissed it, because I walk that way several times a week and … Continue reading 19-09-01


When people ask me what I regret most in my life, they usually expect to hear about big stuff, like life-changing decisions I took or didn't take. But the truth is, there isn't anything I regret. Everything I did in my life brought me to the point where I am right now, and I wouldn't … Continue reading Regrets